Jean-Marie is a master trainer, having delivered over 10,000 hours of training time. Her experience ranges from corporate marketing in the US and international markets to inter-cultural work in Canada, Holland, Africa and the Middle East. Jean founded Yellow Marker with the vision of bringing character and values to the foreground in the commercial sector. Prior to founding Yellow Marker, Jean was CEO of Culture ROI.  She developed and co-authored training materials and resources for CultureROI, their corporate clients as well as several non-profit and humanitarian organizations.

Prior to her career in training, she spent 15 years in the commercial insurance industry, ranging from negotiating International Oil & Gas business at Marsh New York to Vice President of Marketing for a Northern California insurance brokerage firm specializing in construction and hospitality in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jean has trained over 100 facilitators and trainers in various organizations, developing both their skills and opening up new ways of thinking about themselves, others and their environment. Working small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies, she has developed custom curriculum and training programs to meet the specific needs of her clients.

Jean’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in management from St. Mary’s College in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her studies included two years of liberal arts and philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and two years of marketing and international business studies at Loyola Marymount in upstate New York.










You don’t need advice! You have a highly paid team of professionals with all the expertise and experience needed to move your organization to the next level. What provides lasting value is an exploration of the assumptions, conversations (both internal and external) and results that reveal underlying and often unconscious beliefs. Beliefs drive action and determine what we see as possible or not possible. Beliefs are like the rudder on a ship, if the rudder doesn’t move, there is no course correction.

Most training and consulting companies offer content, and a lot of it is excellent material. However, if you put excellent content into the container of existing beliefs, you will end up with another version of the same results. We provide insights, inquiry and perspective to uncover and test the underlying beliefs so that you can effect change at the root level. How do you know if your team is truly aligned? What results have you been explaining instead of investigating? What are you pretending not to know?

The purpose of this process is to:

  • Listen for the cultural conversations within the organization
  • Hear what is wanted and needed by the management team
  • Identify patterns in the culture
  • Allow opportunity for any undisclosed conversations to be made known

Interviews: Confidential interviews with each member of the team: 45 -50 minutes by phone. 

After the calls have been completed, we’ll collate the information to identify common themes, patterns and omissions in the data to produce a report for review with the executive team via phone.

The purpose is to support the stabilization, growth and development of the team, specifically in the areas of:

  • Clarity on what is working and what is not working as a team
  • Developing uncommon candor and care
  • Generous listening
  • Alignment and cohesion
Purpose: To create an environment for:

  • Self-awareness
  • Generous listening
  • Connecting relationships with results
  • Responsibility
May be delivered in two 8 hour days, 1-2 modules per day: 

  1. Uncommon Candor – designed to provide a resourceful framework for both giving and receiving feedback, managing your impact, distinguishing contribution from blame and listening with neutrality.
  2. Power and Affirmation – gaining insight into your personal ‘operating system’ relating to using and sharing power and also giving and receiving affirmation
  3. Building Trust – discovering the existing trust level in the group and working towards supporting new levels of trust, honesty and collaboration
  4. The Art of Listening – exploring new ways to listen, not only to the content but also the context of communication, practicing turning down the ‘internal editor’ in your head to truly hear what someone else is saying
  5. Learning, Enjoyment and Results – based on the bestselling book by Tim Gallwey, The Inner Game of Work, we examine the importance of each of these components in a healthy and profitable work environment and how together, they impact the bottom line
  6. Expanding the Pie – exploring attitudes and aptitudes towards negotiation to discover blind spots and opportunities in every negotiation
  7. Sales Salsa – engaging and practicing the ‘dance’ of consultative sales, the art of inquiry and determining the underlying needs and values of the customer
  8. Work/Life Balance – tips for creating and maintaining balance, identifying balance ‘busters’ in your life and reigniting passion for what you love to do.

Note: Custom options are also available, based on targeted outcomes

Purpose: to assist individuals in making practical application of new learning, achieve specific and measurable goals and coach candid and caring conversation within the team

Group or Individual Coaching – weekly or bi-weekly calls or in-person sessions


My goal as a business relationship consultant is to create the greatest positive impact for my clients in the shortest period of time. I am continually in awe at the quality and creativity Yellow-Marker delivers in their trainings.

One of my start-up clients reported back to me: “No one in my development circle can touch Jean’s level of coaching. They want to, but they have no idea how to do it.”

“She gets inside my head and scratches something I didn’t know was in there.”

I have witnessed young CEOs emerge as leaders, learning how to bring out the best in their people. I have seen driven entrepreneurs make a major shift in direction after discovering how their employees viewed the company culture. If you are ready to make an impact,  look no further.

Kate Pintor

Strengths Strategy Coach

I have worked with Jean since 2006.  She has been an integral part of developing our leadership and corporate culture. In my experience, she is unrivaled in her ability to communicate and model care, neutrality and new ways of thinking. Vincent Huang


Jean-Marie Jobs is a dynamo! Jean came to speak at my Women in Business luncheon for the Chamber of Commerce and all attendees found her presentation valuable and engaging.  She spoke on ways to find balance between work and life by scheduling time for yourself, asking for help when needed and by sometimes, simply saying “no”.  Attendees left with ideas that they could immediately implement into their daily lives.  Jeans passion is contagious and her knowledge is vast.    Jean is a gem! – Crissy Knox, Owner of Jelsie Events. Crissy Knox

Owner, Jelsie Events

Jean Marie Jobs has helped our organization to define our culture, what we stand for and have built trainings to help transform our employees to rise to the challenge.  Through front line, management and executive training Jean Marie and team are not only relevant but impactful.   As I look at the results, I see a company full of people who are clear, understand their gaps and tackle them head on.  I see a group of people in my organization who are generous in giving authentic feedback and are open to receiving it.  GAP has truly helped us to be more efficient and self aware, thus helping us increase our overall productivity. Amy Malmquist

General Manager, Concentrus



Yellow Marker is involved in humanitarian work in Zambia.  A percentage of each contract contributes towards a project in one or more of the following areas:

  • Leadership development for women
  • Microfinance for women’s projects and diabled communities
  • Leadership development for undersered teens and adults
  • Training and health services for HIV/AIDS infected and affected families
  • Funding high school and college scholarships for students

Thank you for partnering with us to mark the lives of people with amazing gifting in the midst of unthinkable circumstances.




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